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Ballet Practice

It’s Time to Shine

Fort Worth Dance Academy is focused on achieving exceptional standards of dance by hand selecting teachers with strong background knowledge and years of experience in performing. We believe in nurturing creativity while instilling a strong foundation in fundamental principals, and offering a warm and positive environment where all dancers can thrive. 
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Ballet Dancers

The Fort Worth Dance Academy - Why We Started

Fort Worth Dance Academy is committed to providing the best dance education that Fort Worth has to offer! Our experienced, talented instructors work with each and every student, from dance enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, developing their foundation and skills while fostering their passion for performing! Dance is where artistry and athleticism meet, and this theme carries through all classes taught at Fort Worth Dance Academy. Students receive the type of training that turns them not just into successful dancers, but accomplished human beings, prepared to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

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Fall 2023 - Schedule

*Fort Worth Dance Academy will follow the Fort Worth ISD Schedule - A post will be made on social media if there is a studio closure for any reason!*

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Class Options

Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance and a variety of skill levels, to make sure there's an ideal option for every dancer.
Have a look at our class options below.

**Class memberships may be cancelled with 30 days notice**


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Pom/Cheer/Drill Team Prep

Littles (3-6) - Tuesdays @ 5:00 pm

Bigs (7-11) - Tuesdays @ 5:00 pm

Teens (12+) - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm

Jazz Shoes_edited.jpg

Jazz 1

Mondays @ 4:00 pm

Wednesdays @ 4:00 pm

Age 6+ OR Completed Pre-Ballet/Jazz/Tap

Jazz Shoes_edited.jpg

Jazz 2

Mondays @ 5:00 pm

Completed Jazz 1

Jazz Shoes_edited.jpg

Jazz 3

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Jazz 2

Jazz Shoes_edited.jpg

Jazz 4

Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Jazz 3

Hip Hop Shoes_edited.jpg

Hip Hop 1

Mondays @ 5:00 pm


Hip Hop Shoes_edited.jpg

Hip Hop 2

Mondays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Hip Hop 1

Hip Hop Shoes_edited.jpg

Hip Hop 3


Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Hip Hop 2


Fairy Tale Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

Tuesdays @ 4:00 pm

Age 2-3


Pre-Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

Tuesdays @ 4:00 pm

Age 4-5 OR Completed Fairy Tale Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

Ballet Shoes_edited.png

Wednesdays @ 4:00 pm

Age 6+ or Completed Pre-Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

Ballet 1

Ballet Shoes_edited.png

Ballet 2

Thursdays @ 5:00 pm

Completed Ballet 1

Ballet Shoes_edited.png

Ballet 3

Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm

Completed Ballet 2

Ballet Shoes_edited.png


Thursdays @ 5:00 pm

Completed Ballet 3

Ballet Shoes_edited.png

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Pre-Poiinte


Tap Shoes_edited.jpg

Tap 1

Thursdays @ 4:00 pm

Tap Shoes_edited.jpg

Tap 2

Thursdays @ 4:00 pm

Completed Tap 1

Tap Shoes_edited.jpg

Tap 3

Mondays @ 6:00 pm

Completed Tap 2


Ballet Technique

Saturdays @ 8:30 am

Enrolled in Ballet 3 or recommendation by instructor

Jazz Shoes_edited.jpg

Jazz Technique

Saturdays @ 9:30 am

Enrolled in Jazz 3 or recommendation by instructor



Littles (3-6) - Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm

Bigs (7+) - Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm

Hip Hop Shoes_edited.jpg

Adult Jazz/Hip Hop/Dance Cardio

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm

Age 18+

$15 dollars per class

Our Team

We are proud to have a staff of true masters of the dance community teaching at Fort Worth Dance Academy. They bring their unparalleled experience and vision into every class, sharing their love of dance with their students. Learn more about some of our staff below.

Hamlin Headshot_edited.png

Maggie Hamlin

Studio Co Owner & Instructor

Maggie has been dancing since the age of 3. She danced competitively for Jenny's Dance Center until High School, was a member of the JV and Varsity Pom Squads at Lake Forest High School, danced for the TCU Showgirls, and danced professionally for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. She is excited to share her knowledge and love for dance with the dancers of Fort Worth!

Class Attire/Dress Code

Black Leotard (all sleeve lengths are acceptable)

White T Shirt and Black Shorts for males

Pink OR Tan Tights (depending on the class type)

Footed, Convertible, or Stirrup versions are acceptable

Hair must be in a bun or secure pony tail

clean hair means less distractions during class

Dancers may not be allowed to participate if they are not in proper dress code. Dance shoes are NOT allowed to be worn outside!

Image by Quinton Coetzee
Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes

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